with Olives

When in Rome...

An original from my

Naughty and Nice


Black and purple lace

deboned corset


the stage for the 

leaning tower of Pisa.

The reverse side offers generous portions of

multicolored olives

intensified by a linen

embroidery of the

symbol of peace.

 Little Peace of my



Sunshine and specs, Janis

featured among neon peace signs and music. Silk fringe adds to her 60's vibe while reverse is all heavy  Bohemian lace and floral.

More Granny Boho echos

the 60's era with a bone

peace sign embellishment.

Reverse brings on more

of the vintage with embroidered flower power baby! 


So take it, take this little peace of my heart....xox 

Someone's in the Kitchen with Julia...

it could be you!

And what is she doing with that huge wooden spoon?


Vintage (but unused)

 French kitchen kurtain kotton pairs nicely with silk

embroidered linen, floral trim.

The "Kitchen Queen" on reverse with Battenburg lace. Coffee beans and titles abound through the coffee-colored cottons.

Too Hot To Handle!

Your Mom's range in a multitude of pinks, sunshine and navy. A pretty pink maid is hiding

on the design of one pink stove.

Her byline:

"Cooking's Never Been So Hot"

Chiffon flounce.

The reverse is a vintage dresser scarf embroidery in pastels.

The hot pad pocket is a 

Modern-vintage riff on 

Sun Bonnet Sue.

The Farmer's Daughter

Oh yes, I did.

One side naughty: yep, yep. That is indeed a red lace negligee with black sequins.

More red sparkle in a ruffle at the hem.


One side nice: Eat your vegetables

including peppers, tomatoes and carrots. Vintage lace and rick rack complete the

farm girl motif.

The vintage label reads: 

Western Hoe


Cultivated to your taste


Things are heating up in the kitchen...

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